We’ve designed our trailers to truly meet you where you are in your adventure lifestyle. Whether you’re just starting out adventure trailering, or have been exploring for countless years – if you’re looking to move your tent and other gear out of your rig, our base model “Wapos” trailer is your perfect fit.

You have trails calling your name, and our Wapos trailer ready to load up on options. Best of all, our trailers are built to last a lifetime, so you have lots of time to add our bolt on options. 

Inspired by the Canadian wilderness,
designed for North America

Get up and go anywhere!

Our Beaver Built trailers are short enough to fit on most parking pads, and in most garages, and are designed to be packed, prepped and ready to go whenever you are. Arrive at your destination, and the Wapos takes less than 10 minutes to set up. While you are adventuring, our trailers can be left set up, while you  continue exploring, or run to town.

Compact & lightweight for easy towing

Our trailers are lightweight, and can be towed by almost any mid-size vehicle and up. Our trailers are easily maneuvered by hand to get you into the tightest of locations.

Exceptional Versatility

Our trailers have been designed to get through any on or off-road situation, so you can take them anywhere your tow vehicle can go!  With confidence you can tackle rocky terrain, mud/water, snow and ice while towing the trailers. 

Quality components
designed to last

From our steel galvanized frame to our powder-coated aluminum body, we have designed this trailer to withstand the roughest terrain, and operate well for decades.

Smooth ride for you and your gear

The Cruisemaster CRS² suspension comes standard on our trailers, and offers a single arm design which reduces weight while providing a strong platform to support our trailers through off road terrain.  The CRS² has improved cable management to protect your cables from the environment and out of harm’s way. The Cruisemaster CRS² suspension is covered by a standard 3 year warranty, with a free upgrade to 5 years by registering online.


  • Steel galvanized frame with aluminum powder coated body
  • Wheel offered in 2 bolt patterns:
    • 6 on 5.5 
    • 5 on 5 for Jeeps
  • 10 inch electric drum brakes
  • Cruisemaster CRS² suspension
  • Roof rack with 4 inches of adjustability
  • Anti-slip powder coated fenders & tongue deck
  • 2 inch ball coupler
  • Rear compartment constructed of aluminum
  • Large rear door with food grade stainless steel countertop
  • Rear receiver for any hitch-mounted accessory 




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